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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine what my trees are worth?

We determine timber value by scaling each tree by using the Doyle log scale. Every species carries a $ amount per 1,000 board feet. As we scale the trees we also need to consider the overall health of each tree. The price range per species can vary greatly due to the age of the tree or the presence of any major defects like lighting strike, seams, wind shake and what type of ground the trees are growing in wet or dry ground sandy or clay etc.

Do you log year round?

Yes, we do. Our goal is to minimally impact the ground during our harvesting. A common obstacle in accessing woodlots is farm crops, so often it's easier to log during the winter months. We work with landowners to determine the optimum time to remove trees.

How will logging affect wildlife?

This is the question most often asked by hunters and conservationists alike! The affect is generally positive, as removal of trees with large canopies promotes new flora growth, including tree saplings. We have worked directly with deer management programs and have had very positive feedback

I recently lost several large trees in a storm. Does fallen timber have any value?

This depends on a few factors. Is the tree uprooted or snapped off? Trees that have been uprooted typically hold greater value than trees that crack and break. Accessibility is another factor. It is difficult to log a woods that has been hit by a wind storm or tornado, as fallen and/or hanging limbs can make logging even more dangerous. We recommend having a professional buyer inspect the damage to see what your options are.

Is there a minimum number of trees necessary?

Typically we like to have full semi load or 7,000 board feet. There are exceptions though. For example, if we are working in a woodlot we can consider neighboring jobs that are small than we would otherwise consider.



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