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    Buying Oak and Walnut Trees
    and more!

Keller Logging is proud to serve landowners in the Buchanan, Michigan area.

Keller Logging is a local buyer of standing timber.  We buy many varieties of hardwood and pay the most your timber.  We are happy to discuss the timber buying process with you to make sure you stay informed.  We are your choice logging company in Southwest Michigan!

The best way to ensure long term vitality of a woodlot is management by maintaining a rotational harvest. An intelligent harvest creates room for new trees, provides for wildlife, and increases the vitality and health of your forest. This will also maximize tree populations through encouraging juvenile trees and healthy growing trees, and also increasing the carbon take up of your forest. At the same time you will support local jobs, thriving communities, and improve your own financial gain. You can, in fact, manage your forest to achieve its greatest possible vitality and also benefit from the maximum financial returns, today and in the future

Keller Logging is your choice for timber buying in Southwestern Michigan.  Give us a call today!


Serving Buchanan and surrounding communities.  We are Fully Licensed and Insured!